The U.K. System of Government


Types of Government:

Republic: a state governed by representatives and usually a president (e.g. USA; France)

Monarchy: a state ruled by a king or queen (e.g. UK, Sweden)

Federation: a union of political units (e.g. provinces) under a central government (e.g. USA)

Democracy: government of, by and for the people

Dictatorship: System of government run by a dictator

Independence: freedom from outside control; self-governing


Parliamentary Government:

1)    Legislative Branch:

The Parliament consists of two chambers = Westminster Palace

  1. House of Commons
  1. House of Lords


2)    Executive Branch

The Prime Minister and his/her Cabinet


3)    Judicial Branch:

Since 2009: The Supreme Court of the UK


4)    Monarch

= Queen Elizabeth II

The electorate elects the House of Commons and the local government


5)    Parliamentary Election

During a general election, in each constituency a representative is chosen